Friday, May 22, 2009

+[Rihanna Dating Drake]*

Rihanna is alledly dating rapper drake, she is officially over Chris Brown. In fact, according to a scoop featured in Wednesday’s addition of The New York Post, the Barbadian beauty showed up with a group of friends at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on West 42nd Street Monday hanging on the arm — and lips — of Canadian child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

€["A Little Bit Of My Style"]€

Hat - ae
Shirt - Eruca
Jacket - Forever21
# 1 Scarf - Old Navy
Necklace - Girlprops
Heels - Wetseal
Sunglasses - idk
Jeans - Bare Foot Shoes
Blue Earrings - Forever21
Pink Ring - Forever21
Door Knoockers Earrings - Girlprops
Puma's -
Blue Scarf - Wetseal
[Yeezys]Pink & Black Shoes -
Makeup - Nars
Fur Flat Shoes -
Nail Polish - Dior
Watch - NIXON

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Be Creative With: Men's Shirts\ Ijenmf

I Come Across This Girl On Youtube And The Next Day I Was Doing The Same Things She Was... So Subscribe to Ijenmf.

[Be Creative With: Men's Shirts]

[How She Wears: Harem Pants]

Friday, May 1, 2009

["Hair Rescue: Fixing Damaged Hair "]

Tip #1 Apply an egg and olive oil conditioner once a week for a month to help repair hair. To make one application, whisk one egg yolk with two tbsp. of olive oil in a bowl. Apply to hair, especially on the ends. Leave on for at least 3 minutes and rinse before shampooing your hair.

Tip #2 Use Vitamin E treatment on your hair, either store bought or homemade. To make a homemade treatment break open 5 or 6 vitamin E capsules and combine with your favorite shampoo. Vitamin E makes hair look healthy, shiny and smooth.

Tip #3 Get regular hair trims once a month. These trims get rid of damaged hair and encourage and promote faster hair growth.

Tip #4 Try a diffuser at a low-heat or cool setting when you use your hair dryer. With irons really try to use the lowest heat setting. Also, cut down on using heat on your hair.

Tip #5 Shampoo and condition your hair less frequently. Ideally, two or three times a week helps curb over-drying and repairs damaged hair.

Tip #6 Rinse and shampoo hair as soon as possible after swimming in chlorine or salt water. Both of these make hair more brittle.

Tip #7 Be patient on seeing growth. It takes the average person months to grow enough new growth hair to replace damaged hair.

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